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High quality raw materials

High quality raw materials

The best possible quality

The best possible quality The best possible quality

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About Us

Since its establishment, the Gulf Sleep Factory has been one of the pioneers of manufacturing medical and health mattresses in various sizes. Through continuous development, continuous innovation and future vision, we have been able to expand the diversification of our products and to combine quality,

  • Gulf Sleep Factory. We are proud of our products, offering a wide range of high quality anti-allergic medical mattresses, using high quality materials with different pressures. To match your body's experience with cutting-edge technology that helps you sleep comfortably and completely free from back pain.

  • We strive to do what is necessary to prolong your life. Once you lie down on Cool Sleep @ Cool mattresses, you know the difference. The quality of our plant means commitment: the constant commitment of our staff, who work daily on continuous and continuous monitoring of the entire manufacturing cycle. So we choose the best ingredients, check the sources of raw materials, we manufacture our products, and check their conformity to the highest specifications.